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12 September 2011

PBB Belaga Youth wants an Orang Ulu assistant minister

KUCHING: PBB Belaga Youth hopes that in the impending State Cabinet reshuffle an Orang Ulu elected representative would be appointed an assistant minister.

Its chief Henry Kilah Talek said ever since Dr Judson Tagal passed away in 2004, the community did not have any representation in the State Cabinet.

“With such an appointment we hope that the voice of the community can be heard more loudly, especially on matters relevant to the community, such as the development of mega projects in Baram and Belaga,” he said when met recently.

Talek pointed out that the Orang Ulu community deserved to have such a representation as they had been strong supporters of the BN government all this while. When asked who, in his opinion, should be appointed an assistant minister, Talek said it should be Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang (from PRS) or Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau (PBB).

“To us, it does not matter who will be the assistant minister, so long as he is an Orang Ulu.”

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