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21 Januari 2013


KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth yesterday lodged a police report against Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) and Radio Kenyalang (RK) at Sungai Maong Police Station here.

Its deputy chief Ellison Silo Bilun, who lodged the report, said they decided to lodge the police report as they agreed with their party president Tan Sri Dr James Masing’s statement that both radio stations are “illegal entities” and spreading lies as well as poisoning the minds of people, especially the Ibans in the rural area.
“We agree with Tan Sri Dr James Masing that the authorities should take stern action against the sponsors and the people behind RFS and RK.

If RFS and RK are left to poison the minds of the people, we in PRS Youth are worried that the people will be influenced and the country’s safety will be affected.

“We are peace lovers and we want the police to investigate and take action against those involved directly and indirectly with RFS and RK for the sake of the peace in Sarawak and Malaysia,” he told reporters at the police station.

Ellison said the party’s supreme council would also work together with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on the possible actions to be taken against the radio stations while PRS Youth would be doing follow-up with MCMC on the matter.

PRS Youth information chief Danny Bungan, who was also present at the police station, stated that PRS Youth wanted the broadcasts by the radio stations to be stopped because they were misleading and poisoning the minds of the rural people.

“The rural people are given radio sets and many of them only listen to the radio.
They are not exposed to other media such as the newspapers or televisions so once they get the information from the radio, they will think that the information is disseminated by the government.

“That is why they (the rural people) are easily influenced and we don’t want these things to happen,” he said.

‘Find out sponsors, owners of radio stations’
Masing in his recent statement to The Borneo Post wanted RFS and RK to be stopped in their tracks as both “illegal entities” are poisoning the minds of the rural populace, especially the Ibans, and running down the government.

The Land Development Minister also urged the authorities concerned to act against those distributing free radio sets in the rural areas as it formed part of the modus operandi of these two radio stations.
He added that if their operations could not be halted, the relevant authorities should at least jam their transmissions so that they become inaudible to listeners.

Masing added that RFS and RK must be stopped to prevent others from following suit.
“The relevant authorities must find out who are the sponsors or owners of these radio stations. We cannot allow them to continue broadcasting lies upon lies because at the end of the day, many people would think that what they say is true.

“This is bad because both radio stations are running down the BN government,” he said.

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